iCHOR Vascular Featured in Endovascular Today

ICHOR Vascular was recently featured in Endovascular Today. The article, “ICHOR Vascular’s Reperfusion System Cleared by FDA,” discusses how the newly-approved Ichor system targets vascular occlusions by eliminating the need for surgery or drug therapies.


  • ICHOR Vascular received FDA 510(k) clearance for the sale of its Ichor Panacea percutaneous reperfusion system, which is designed to treat organized thrombus and embolic events in the peripheral vasculature.
  • Ichor is a one-size-fits-all system that replicates the standard of care of surgical embolectomy/thrombectomy but in a minimally invasive manner.
  • “Ichor will be an extraordinary tool in the clot management toolbox due to its ability to handle the organized clot many physicians struggle to treat,” said Troy Long, MD.

About iCHOR

iCHOR was founded by Interventional Radiologist Dr. Troy Long and industry veteran Tim Blair.  They identified an opportunity to develop new technologies to address these large unmet needs in treating peripheral vascular occlusions. This collaboration has lead to the development of the iSWEEP platform technology that has converted the tried and true Fogarty balloon sweep technique from an open surgery to a simple, minimally-invasive endovascular procedure.

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