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The iSWEEP combination thrombectomy & embolic protection all-in-one system is optimized to simplify peripheral vascular clot removal

iSWEEP Technology Overview

The iSWEEP system combines the tried and true Fogarty® sweep method with cutting edge technology.  The all-in-one system does not require lytics, additional components, or capital equipment.  The system consists of 3 simple components that are self contained.

The Occlusion Balloon provides embolic protection, is atraumatic, and ideal for flow reversal with aspiration

The Guide Catheter features an expandable nitinol funnel designed to help maximize material removal

The Rapid Exchange Balloon Catheter is utilized to sweep the clot into the nitinol funnel. It features excellent pushablity and a tapered tip for enhanced trackability.

Wide Treatment Capabilities

Designed to treat diverse clot morphology and a wide range of vessel sizes, from 4mm to 14mm

Combination System

The iSWEEP features combination thrombectomy and embolic protection functions are optimized for both arteries and veins

Continuous Access

The control sheath component allows for continuous guidewire access throughout the procedure

How iCHOR is simplifying clot removal.

Learn about initial experience of top physicians who evaluated the iCHOR technology to remove both arterial and venous clot.

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The iSWEEP technology is an all-in-one self-contained system with 3 components for simple and safe clot removal.

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